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A better balance investment / personal time

Feeling exhausted from constantly checking prices and find it hard to switch off ? Maybe you just want a day free from market price worries?

The stress of trading cryptocurrencies can lead to addiction, anxiety, and even depression. Sadly, these negative impacts are becoming more noticeable every day. Mainstream medias are beginning to talk about the negative effects of cryptocurrencies, and companies have sprung up to provide "rehab" for cryptocurrency users.

Even without going to such extremes, it's clear that this world can be tiring and time-consuming. Investing in cryptocurrencies that have predefined trading hours can be more comfortable.

With Woken, you can invest in projects that offer breaks and participate in voting with the community.

Trade & Chill !

Disconnecting helps you manage your emotions and make better decisions.

🌐 Washington Post : Insomnia, addiction, depression: The dark side of life trading crypto

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