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Off-chain votes

In Woken V1, we made the decision to integrate Snapshot. org's off-chain API for managing votes into the DAO.

This decision has several benefits, including

  1. Configure and customize voting strategies for all projects, whether it's for voting within the Woken protocol or for certified projects.

  2. Adjusting these strategies based on needs, such as quorum requirements, voting timeframes, or the amount of $WKN required to submit or vote on proposals.

  3. Allow participants to submit and vote on proposals without incurring GAS fees through the use of signatures.

It's important to note that our project is unique in the blockchain space. That's why it's important for us to conduct large-scale testing, with multiple projects joining the DAO, to evaluate community-driven off-chain vote management.

This preliminary step will help us find the optimal formula that will later allow us to automate the entire process by moving the Woken DAO to an on-chain version in its version 2, making it immutable. This is why we have already incorporated this development into our smart contracts, including the Moderators function, which will become a validation smart contract for proposals in Woken V2.

function setModerator
function setModerator(address _addr, bool _moderator) public isDexAdmin{
        moderators[_addr] = _moderator;
        emit ModeratorChanged(_addr, _moderator);
function setTimekeeperFromProposal(address _pair) public {
        delete TimekeeperPerLpWaitingForApproval[_pair];
        emit TimekeeperChange(_pair);
    function refuseProposal(address _pair) public {
        delete TimekeeperPerLpWaitingForApproval[_pair];
        emit TimekeeperProposal(_pair);

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