🅿️Pool open/closed

Create, add and remove

Our Pool page allows you to create Liquidity pairs (Token A + B) and add or remove liquidity from an existing pair, like any AMM.

When you are the first to create a LP, you become the PairAdmin for that pair.

function createPair = pairAdmin
function createPair(address tokenA, address tokenB) external returns (address pair) { 

As a PairAdmin, you can enable the Timekeeper for your pair to edit its trading hours on the DEX from the Timekeeper Management Panel page.

When the Timekeeper is enabled for a pair, and if its market is closed, it is impossible to execute a Swap on the DEX.

We have also implemented this functionality in the add (mint) and remove (burn) functions of the DEX to maintain the logic of closing transfers when the market is closed. We believe that if a market is closed, its value should remain unchanged in its liquidity. As a result, it is impossible to add or remove liquidity when a pair is closed.

modifier tradingMustBeOpen
modifier () { 
        if (_WokenFactory.isTKEnabled(address(this)) == true) {
            require(_WokenFactory.isTradingOpen(address(this)) == true, 'blocktime is outside trading hours' );
function mint(address to) external lock  returns (uint liquidity)

function burn(address to) external lock  returns (uint amount0, uint amount1) 

Just like on the Swap page, the Pool page also includes our real-time "open/closed" module to inform you of the opening status of a pair, in case you want to add or remove liquidity.

Liquidity pair creation: Create your liquidity pair by pairing your token with a stablecoin, such as YourToken-USDC.

This approach ensures that when your market is closed, the value of your token, expressed in USD, remains stable and does not fluctuate. Alternatively, you can create your liquidity pair by pairing your token with a coin like Ether (ETH), for instance, YourToken-ETH.

In this scenario, your token's value in terms of ETH will stay steady, but its value in USD may still fluctuate based on changes in the price of ETH, which trades continuously.

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