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Development roadmap
The first steps in the development of the Protocol have been identified. These steps will be implemented in accordance with financial goals set, in particular thanks to the fees generated by the protocol and external financial contributions.
The main priority is to provide liquidity to the WKN-USDC (LP) on Arbitrum, then to create WKN LPs on the other chains where the protocol is present.
This will open the DAO and PairAdminDao functions on those chains to welcome new Woken Certified Projects.

  • Open the DAO on Arbitrum for Woken Certified Projects The DAO will be open to certified projects on Arbitrum one month after Woken Exchange launches, but live to the protocol itself from launch.
  • 2000 USD: Woken Analytics tool development
    This tool will display market data for each LP across the whole protocol.
  • 25 000 USD : DEX Audit Despite the fact that the contracts have been thoroughly checked by Solidity experts and that we are a fork of UniswapV2, we would like to have an external audit to guarantee the security of our DEX.
  • 50 000 USD : Start of Woken V2 development Development of Woken V2 will begin, introducing new features and protocol enhancements.
  • 100 000 USD : Gradually providing liquidity to the WKN Arbitrum LP The goal is to quickly add more liquidity to WKN LP with the accumulated fees. We aim to gradually reach an additional liquidity of 200 000 USD (100 000 USDC + its WKN equivalent).
  • At each 100 000 threshold : New chain WKN-USDC LP creation Each time a new 100 000 USD threshold is reached, a new 200 000 USD WKN-USDC LP (100 000 USDC + its WKN equivalent) will be created on a chain where the DEX is present. The new chain will be selected by a protocol community vote.
These initial stages of development reflect our commitment to the continuous improvement of Woken Exchange, with clear and precise financial goals.