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Woken Exchange overview and features
Woken Exchange is the first AMM (Automated Market Maker) to offer the option to customize the trading hours on liquidity pairs.
Based on the UniswapV2 (x × y = k) fork, we have developed a unique feature, the Timekeeper, which once enabled by the Builder/Project owner, allows to switch from 24-7 to custom trading hours on swap, mint & burn functions on his LP.
Disclaimer: In WokenExchange V1, we chose to link the Timekeeper to a liquidity pair (Token A + Token B) during creation, instead of a single token.
The Timekeeper's purpose is to prevent transfers of swap, burn, and mint functions on DEX liquidity pairs based on their settings.
If a pair is closed, its liquidity cannot move.

Swap Open/Closed

If the Timekeeper is enabled for a pair, swap are only allowed if its market is open.

Pool Open/closed

If the Timekeeper is enabled for a pair, the add (mint) and remove (burn) functions are only allowed if its market is open.

Timekeeper : a tool, an option

The Timekeeper is an option that a Project owner / Builder can enable or disable if he wants to customize the trading hours of his liquidity pair on the DEX. This means he can switch from 24-7 to customized trading hours according to his needs.
​Timekeeper management is facilitated by a dedicated, intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Cerified Projects

Timekeeper is a tool, an option, and we want it to be available to as many people as possible.
That's why the DEX is cross-chain, allowing any Project owner / Builder to create their liquidity pair and customize their trading hours.
  • It's up to them to notify their community of any time changes
  • And, as any web3 project, it's up to the community to trust builders / team behind a project
But this can also be a barrier for some investors...
That's why Woken Exchange offers the possibility of becoming a Certified Project, via a Role function, in order to manage trading hours on a community basis on the Woken DAO. Becoming a Woken Certified Project also give many advantages for a Project owner / Builder: increase visibility, participation in protocol evolutions, swap rewards, exclusives features, etc.
The Timekeeper is an option that Project Owners / Builders can enable/disable if they want to customize the trading hours of their pair on the DEX, according to their needs.


The Woken DAO allows you to submit and vote for the protocol evolutions, and also to vote for the trading hours of the Woken Certified Projects.