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DAO Rewards

Incentive rewards for $WKN voters
Participate in the Woken protocol decisions and get rewarded for each proposal approved on the DAO.


Earn 0.25% of your WKN used for voting (+0.1% if submitter) when a proposal is accepted 60% of the quorum must be reached to validate a proposal

Estimate APY per year?

We expect about 50 proposals for the first year, but the number may vary according to the protocol's popularity. In our example, we're assuming 50 proposals, of which half, or 25, would be accepted. With an initial balance of 100,000 WKN, participation in 25 validated votes, and a cumulative reward of 0.25%.
Sn=S0(1+r)nSn = S0 * (1 + r)^n
S25 = 100000 * (1 + 0.0025)^25 S25 ≈ 106,449 WKN
APY ≈ 6.45%
The percentage may be adjusted by a protocol community vote. The goal is to maintain an average APY between 5 and 7% to ensure a sustainable model before moving to a fixed percentage on Woken V2. See the Snapshot API section.
A proposal submitter also earns 0.1% of his used WKNs and can also vote, so he can earn 0.35% if his proposal is accepted.

When the rewards are send?

Rewards are send to voters and submitter at the end of each validated proposal, via a multisender. Each reward proof (tx) will be published on our Discord server.
The rewards are only applied to the Woken protocol votes and not to the market votes of Woken Certified Projects.