💡Birth of the idea


It was in 2017 that I discovered Bitcoin and started to get interested in the world of Blockchain.

From 2020, I became particularly interested in DeFi and its many possibilities.

I found the crypto world exciting, but also very tiring. I'd go to bed very late, wake up very early and my first reflex was to pick up the phone to check the prices. In the evenings, when I was with friends, I wasn't very present: I was too absorbed on the price charts.

I'm one of those people with a heavy mental workload... So I thought: Let's do something about this hyper-connectedness, let's put some well-being back into the heart of blockchain.

There's been a lot of buzz around Web 3 in the last few years. But today, more and more people are realizing that this world is exhausting and very stressful. For investors and developers alike, who find themselves working 24-7: between developing their project and managing their community... all this can clearly lead to anxiety-provoking situations: insomnia, depression, addiction, burn-out... On the social networks, more and more influencers and users are advising people to disconnect during the weekend, to let go of crypto... to enjoy life. We're also seeing a drop in trading volume on the weekends. So why not let the market start and stop? Most tokens don't need to be tradable 24-7.

That's where my idea for Woken comes in: as the first Decentralized Exchange offering for builders and companies the ability to customize their token trading hours and edit them as needed, along with their community of investors. With Woken, taking breaks from cryptos is easy.

Investing in projects that provide opportunities for people to experience cryptocurrency in a user-friendly way is an effective strategy to encourage widespread adoption. Offering stop and start as an entry point, could bring more people on the world of cryptocurrency. We are merely at Web 3's inception, with much to do and build as we strive hard to encourage adoption by a diverse and ever-growing user base. But let's not forget the time factor, which may discourage many people. Builders and investors tired of 24-7, or even outsiders to the world of crypto (future investors and builders) who hesitate because it's a world that never sleeps, Woken has been designed for you. JB, Woken founder

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