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Sample ERC20 protected by Timekeeper

Protect transfers
You haven't created your token yet and want to protect it from being transferred when your market is closed with the Woken Exchange's Timekeeper?
We provide a free ERC20 template that allows you to protect your token from being transferred when your market is closed on the DEX.
modifier tradingMustBeOpen
modifier tradingMustBeOpen() { //to check the trading status on the Woken Exchange
if (timekeeperEnabled) {
require(IWokenFactory(wokenFactory).isTradingOpen(pairAddress), "WokenExchange : Trading / Transfer is Closed");
Of course, you can customize it with the functions you want: name, supply, mint, burn, buy or sell taxes, etc...
The WKN, the erc20 token of Woken Exchange, is protected in the same way.


  • Your ERC20 is protected and guaranteed non-transferable (wallet to wallet for example) if your LP's market is closed on the DEX.
  • Your ERC20 is scalable with its trading hours if you wish to create a new LP on another DEX
  • You manage the trading hours on the Woken Exchange Timekeeper page, your ERC20 token can only be traded (transferred) at the time you have set, wherever it is.