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Woken Timekeeper Events BOT

Real-time notification
Woken Timekeeper Events Bot
We've set up a bot on our Discord server that will alert you in real time when the timekeeper of a pair is changed, on all blockchains where the Woken Exchange is deployed.
event TimekeeperEnable(address indexed pair);
event TimekeeperChange(address pair);
event ForceOpen(address pair);
Very useful for projects investors not under DAO to be real time notified if a PairAdmin changes the settings of his pair without informing his community.
Access to the Bot chan is exclusive to $WKN holders on our Discord server.
You need 1000 WKN in your wallet (about 5 USD at the current price rate)
The minimum WKN required may be adjusted after a protocol vote, with the goal of keeping the access price affordable according to the WKN rate.