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To seduce the States ?

Regulation (Data Act)
The European Union has voted in favour of the Data Governance Act, which provides the possibility of interrupting transactions.
It is also at the heart of the AMF's (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) discussions on the future Decentralized Finance law, which subjects the "stop and start" of smart contracts.
We didn't build the Woken Exchange for the regulators, and we don't know whether the project, with its unique concept, meets their wishes. But we have a feeling that we are moving in their direction. From our point of view, stop and start doesn't prevent FUD and FOMO if a market is closed. But it allows everyone to have time to do their own research, and therefore to be on an equal footing, i.e. to strengthen or sell a position at the opening.
And not suffered it while they sleep...
This can strengthen consumer safety and help people make informed decisions instead of panicked ones.
"Stop and start" is one of the topic of the regulation
Link to the AMF discussion (page 7 for the stop and start subject)